Our mission

Our passion comes from a basic desire to make people happy. We take pride in the food that we make, the flavors we create, and the friends who enjoy it. We abide by these promises:

  • We exist to serve our customers, seeing every interaction as an opportunity to let people know we appreciate them.
  • We commit to respect and value the time of our customers and our employees.
  • We seek to exceed expectations with our southern barbecue-inspired food, with 100% authentic, home-cooked meals.

In addition to serving the folks in our community, B Fabulous BBQ serves others in need. We partner with Climb for Haiti, donating a portion of our restaurant sales to support sustainability projects in Haiti. Our owners have taken several trips to Haiti and have a passion for seeing the people there flourish!


I have always loved barbecue. I grew up in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and I cherish the memory of that backyard aroma that meant something was cookin’.

I have been influenced by a variety of different regional styles and flavors of barbecue: Texas beef brisket, Kansas City pork and chicken, Oklahoma beef brisket and bologna and Arkansas pork and chicken. Combining all four influences with my passion to create the food that I love—and to hear people say, “Oh, my. This rocks”—is what really drives me to make good barbecue. I am also fortunate to have friends and family who have taste tested my food. I have listened to their compliments and criticisms, which has been an important part of the journey.


Every good pit master has his own rubs, sauces and recipes. So when I started with the wood smoker, I decided that I wanted the meat I cooked to be 100% authentic from me, no matter what.

“Let the experimenting begin” has always been the foundation of my philosophy. The rub recipe came together pretty easily. I knew the ingredients I liked, so it was a matter of combining them and crossing my fingers that the flavor would come together, and it did. The sauce was a different story. I got a basic recipe from the internet, changed and added a few ingredients, and then made a big mistake … or so I thought: I added four times the amount of an ingredient than the recipe required. When I noticed the problem, I darn near dumped it out and started over. But I decided to go ahead and finish making it, anyway. It is now the sauce I use on all the meat I cook. It was a pretty wicked mistake.

“‘Let the experimenting begin’ has always been the foundation of my philosophy.”


I started out smoking on an electric smoker, which is easy to use and a good way for someone to learn the basics about barbecue. The only problem was that it lacked the flavor and the real barbecue cooking experience I wanted.

So the search for the perfect B Fabulous smoker began. After a painstakingly long journey on the internet (about 10 minutes), I found the FREE plans on how to build a smoker. Yes, the B Fabulous smoker is a homemade, redneck job. Now came the fun part: learning how to smoke on the new smoker. I had to figure out how to regulate the temperature, create the right amount of smoke, keep the meat moist … the list went on and on.

We decided that our original smoker might have reached her limits. It was time for an upgrade. I needed to be mobile, so we purchased a pull-behind smoker and doubled our cooking capacity.  Another year passed, and we reached our capacity again! This time, we went really big: We purchased an Ole Hickory Pits commercial wood burning smoker. This rig isn’t mobile, but we can do 80 pork butts in the beast. This smoker gives us better temperature consistency and still allows us to keep our signature smoke flavor.

“I never realized how much fun and enjoyment could come from serving others.”


I have had a lifelong passion for cooking and enjoy experimenting and creating new recipes, but being married to someone who also loves to cook and is passionate about hosting and serving others has brought out a new side of me. I never realized how much fun it could be to serve others.

After grilling for a couple weddings, a retirement party and the annual Fabulous Grill n Chill, we had the idea to start a catering business. We launched and grew our business at the Ballard Plaza in Huxley, where we were based for six years. At the beginning of 2017, we purchased a building in Slater. This location gives us the opportunity to own our space and create a new experience for our customers.

After a long year of COVID-19, in November of 2020, we celebrate 10 years in business!  With gratitude we are thankful for loyal customers, hard-working employees, and continued success in a pandemic.  With so many small businesses struggling to keep their doors open, we focus on the bright side, and look forward to the future with a renewed perspective on what it means to be successful.


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