B Fabulous BBQ



‘Let the experimenting begin’ has always been the foundation of my philosophy.



Every good pit master has his own rubs, sauces and recipes. So when I started with the wood smoker, I decided that I wanted the meat I cooked to be 100% authentic from me, no matter what.


Pulled Pork

“Let the experimenting begin” has always been the foundation of my philosophy. The rub came pretty quick and easy, I knew the ingredients that I liked so it was a matter of combining them together and crossing my fingers that the flavor would come together-and it did. The sauce was a little different story. I got a basic recipe from the internet, changed a few of the ingredients, added a couple of more to make it my own and then made a big mistake….or so I thought. I added four times the amount of an ingredient than I was using from the recipe. When I noticed the “problem,” I darn near dumped it out and started over. But I decided to go ahead and finish making it anyway. It turned out to be the sauce that I now use on all the meat that I cook. It was a pretty wicked mistake.