B Fabulous BBQ



Our food comes from the basic desire to make people happy. We take pride in the food that we make, the flavors we create, and the friends who enjoy it.



I have always loved barbecue. I grew up in Oklahoma and Arkansas and I cherish the memory of that backyard aroma which meant something was cookin’.


Pulle Pork

In my life, I have been influenced by a variety of different regional styles and flavors of BBQ. They range from Texas- beef brisket, KC-pork and chicken, Oklahoma- beef brisket and bologna, Arkansas- pork and lots of chicken. Combining all 4 influences with my passion to create the food that I love and to hear people say “oh my - this rocks” is what really drives me to make good BBQ. I am also fortunate to have friends and family who have taste tested the food that I cook. I have listened to the compliments and criticisms of what they had to say, it has been an important part of the journey.