B Fabulous BBQ



Yes, the B Fabulous smoker is a home made redneck job.



I started out smoking on an electric, which is very easy to cook on and a good way for someone to learn the basics about BBQ. The only problem for me was that it lacked the flavor and the real BBQ cooking experience that I was looking for.


Billy and his smoker

So the search for the perfect B Fabulous smoker began. After a painstakingly long journey on the internet, (about 10 minutes) I found the FREE plans on how to build a smoker. Yes, the B Fabulous smoker is a home made redneck job. Now came the fun part, learning how to smoke on the new smoker. Trying to regulate the temperature, creating the right amount of smoke, not drying out the meat, the list went on and on.


We decided that old faithful might have reached her limits on how much could be done with her. It was time for an upgrade and I needed to go mobile. So we purchased have a pull behind smoker and doubled our cooking capacity.  Another year passed and we reached our capacity again!  This time we went real big!  We purchased an Ole Hickory Pits commercial wood burning smoker.  This rig isn't mobile, but we can do 80 pork butts in this beast.  This smoker gives us better temperature consistency and yet still allows us to keep our signature smoke flavor.