B Fabulous BBQ


Catering FAQs

Why Choose B Fabulous BBQ?

  • What makes you fabulous?
  • We’ve been catering for over 8 years and have a reputation for superior service and quality. We were awarded for our wedding catering by The Knot and Wedding Wire. These awards are earned by multiple 5 star reviews from couples. Our food is smoked and hand-crafted in house and made fresh the day of your event.
  • What types of events do you cater?
  • We cater all your events! Weddings, rehearsals, corporate events, business luncheons, graduations, church events, training classes, celebration of life receptions, birthdays, holidays and more!
  • What size of events can you accommodate?
  • We cater for as little as 10 and as many as 1000. We also are able to service events lasting over multiple days.
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Yes. We hold a current Food Establishment License and a Class C Liquor License with Catering Privilege with the State of Iowa. Our General Liability insurance limits are 1 million occurrence and 2 million aggregate. Our alcohol insurance covers the service of beer and wine, not liquor. Our employees are all covered by worker's compensation.
  • Can you provide references?
  • Please read reviews from our brides at The Knot! For corporate references, we are happy to provide contact information upon request.



  • Do you provide tastings?
  • Yes! We offer tasting appointments for clients looking to book events for over 100 guests. This private meeting with Billy, our owner & cook, will offer a selection of menu items of your choice. Tastings are free for 2 guests, and any additional guests are $10/person. Appointment times are limited, please email us to secure your slot.
  • Can I choose my own menu?
  • Absolutely! Our buffet is completely customizable! Choose your favorites -- it's your event!
  • Can I serve an outside favorite dish at my wedding?
  • Yes! We understand that your family may love Aunt Jane's potato salad, or a famous dish from your hometown. We want your wedding to be as unique as you are! We are happy to serve an item that you've requested. Please let us know at the time of booking. There will be no additional charge to serve the dish that you bring.
  • Are you able to address vegetarian, gluten-friendly and other special dietary needs?
  • Yes! Our menu provides vegetarian and vegan options and a wide variety of gluten-friendly dishes. We do our best to accommodate any special dietary requests. Some recipes allow flexibility to meet dietary requests, others do not. Please contact us to inquire about specific ingredients.
  • Do you have children's pricing and menu?
  • If you have a large number of children at your event, you may want to differentiate them from your final head count. Children are half the cost of the adult meal price. We do not offer a specific children's menu, but if you feel a child-friendly option is needed, we will work with you on that.


Reservation & Payment:

  • How far in advance should I reserve my date?
  • Wedding receptions typically book 4-12 months in advance, especially for Saturdays during prime months. We can accommodate multiple events in one day, but some dates fill quickly. Corporate events usually have a shorter lead time. If we're available, we can provide corporate lunches with a 48-hour notice. We suggest reserving your date as soon as it is confirmed.
  • Do you offer Pick Up or Drop Off Service?
  • Yes! These are great options for casual events with under 60 guests. Pricing options include discounts from our Full Service pricing, or a la carte pricing which would charge for just what you’re needing. Please contact us to find out what may work best for your event.
  • How long is our buffet set up?
  • This all depends on the size of the event and the amount of food being served. For an average size wedding with a typical buffet, we would plan 60 minutes of serving time. Our buffet is available for an additional 15 minutes after all guests have been served. This would allow time for guests to come back for seconds (if available) and any working staff (photographer, DJ, servers) to eat. If you require the buffet to be available for a longer amount of time, an additional fee may be charged.
  • How much is the deposit and when is my final headcount and balance due?
  • For weddings, we require a $500 Reservation Fee. This fee will secure your date on our calendar, is non-refundable and will be applied toward the balance on your invoice. For all large events, numbers are due at least one week in advance and final payment is due the day of the event. For many customers, making the payment ahead of the event is most convenient.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • We accept many forms of payment. For your convenience, we are able to accept bank transfers and major credit cards. You'll find a secure link when we email the invoice. We charge a 3.5% processing fee for all credit card purchases. Bank transfers, checks and cash do not incur this fee.
  • Other than food, are there additional charges I can expect?
  • When we send your first estimate or working invoice, you will see all charges specified clearly. Unlike so many in our industry, we do not charge a service fee. The additional fees that you can expect are mileage, credit card processing, and sales tax. We offer free delivery within 10 miles of Slater.
  • Is gratuity included on the invoice?
  • We believe gratuity is something earned, not charged. We do not add an itemized gratuity to an invoice unless directed so by our customer. We do, however, graciously accept them and pass them along to our hard working staff.


Additional Services:

  • Do you provide alcohol?
  • Yes, please see our Alcohol Service page for all the details. We are insured to serve beer and wine at your event.
  • Are you able to serve plated meals?
  • We are not. We offer a buffet service at an affordable cost. If you want plates cleared for your guests, we can offer that service at an additional charge. Please contact us regarding any specific needs for your event.
  • Can you cut our wedding cake?
  • Yes. We are available to cut and serve wedding cake. The cost is $50 and will include dessert plates, napkins and forks, if needed. We can also provide a Coffee Service Station.
  • Do you set up and clean up?
  • We don't typically set up tables or bring tablecloths. If this service is needed, let us know. We do have these items available and try our best to accommodate all our customers. We always leave our service area/kitchen as we have found it. If additional clean up is required, please inform us in advance.
  • Do you offer Drop Off Service?
  • Yes! This is a great option for an open house, a small event, or a casual gathering where a serviced buffet is not necessary. We arrange for non-disposable items to be picked up at a later time, or for our customer to return them to us the next day. For smaller events, no equipment may be required at all and you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Do you travel?
  • Yes! We had the honor of traveling many places around the state of Iowa to cater events. We charge a reasonable mileage fee to cover our travel cost. There is no fee for events within 10 miles of Slater. We do not have a minimum for delivery, but note that if the travel exceeds the value of the event, we may decline to be hired.


Buffet Specifics

  • I would like to provide my own paper goods. Is there a discount for that?
  • Yes. If you would like to purchase your own paper products for your event, we will offer a per person discount on your invoice.
  • Do you have real plates and silverware available?
  • We do not, but we do have excellent quality, durable plastic plate options available. Please ask us about our black, white, or cream plate upgrades. We can also provide silver table service, which looks like real silverware and is a great substitute! Prices are charged per person. We have samples of these in our restaurant, and they can be seen at the time of your tasting.
  • When will you arrive for my event?
  • For a typical event, we will arrive 20 minutes prior to the time of serving the meal. We want your food to be as fresh as possible! We will arrive based on the time we need to set up our equipment and have everything ready to serve. If there are additional obstacles we may encounter (like flights of stairs, a ceremony or speeches) we need to know to plan accordingly. Deanna will work closely with you to plan the best time to arrive, where to park, what door to come in and where to set up. These details provided ahead of time help everything go smoothly for your event.
  • Do you provide servers? How many?
  • Yes, we do provide service of your buffet. We base the number of servers on the size of the buffet and the number of guests. On average, it is usually one server per 125 guests. With added services, (alcohol, plate clearing, etc) additional servers are provided.
  • How long is our buffet set up?
  • We plan for a typical buffet to be set up for about 30 minutes after the guests have served themselves. This would allow time for guests to have another serving if available and any working staff (photographer, DJ, servers) to eat. If you require the buffet to be available for a longer amount of time, an additional fee is charged.