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A La Carte Catering

Our A La Carte Catering Guide provides you the basic option of having us supply you with the necessary main dishes and sides in our disposable containers.


*Price is for PICK UP only. Delivery charges will be added based on mileage.    


Select your desired menu items from the A La Carte Catering Menu:



For a sandwich portion we recommend 4 ozs. per person of a desired meat.


Simply multiply 4 ozs. times the number of guests you are expecting, then divide that figure by 16. That will give you the pounds of meat you need to order for your special event. Round up or down, but don’t run out!

To estimate Ribs, figure 2.5 ribs per person when served with another meat, 4-5 Ribs per person for a Rib Dinner. Each side of ribs contains approx. 11 countable ribs.


To estimate your side dishes: One half-pan of side dishes will feed 25 - 30 persons. The more types of side dishes you order the more a pan will feed.





Main Dishes:

Price subject to change based on the market. Call for up to date prices.

Main Dish: Price:
Smoked & Roasted Meats Priced Per Pound
Main DIsh: Price:
Down Home Cookin' Price Per Person



Side: PRice:
Sides by the Half-Pan (serves 25-30) $20.95
Our Homemade BBQ Sauce $4.95/pint, 9.95/quart
Cold Can Sodas (Pepsi products) $1.00/can
Buns $0.50
Honey Corn Muffins per dozen $5.95
Plasticware Set–up per person (plate, napkin, plastic utensils) $0.65