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Note: Boxed Kitchen will be taking summer break!  No meals will be offered in June or July.  We will resume the week of August 26th.

Boxed Kitchen

As a full-time business owner and mom of 4 active kids, B-Fab Boxed Kitchen was created with the busy family in mind. Certainly, any sort of folks can benefit from a ready-to-eat, home cooked meal. So I invite anyone that's tired of cooking, tired of planning, or just plain tired to give our meals a try!

- Deanna Faubus, Owner


Here's How it works:


Step 1. Pre order!

Yes, you have to do a bit of planning ahead. The recipes are a wide variety of crowd-pleasers — not just our standard BBQ and picnic sides. New weekly menus are created with the assistance of our culinary graduate, so expect some amazing flavors here! New menu available every Tuesday, orders due by Sunday evening for that week's pick ups.


Step 2. Pick up on scheduled day

Afraid you'll forget? No problem, you'll receive a text reminder the day of. Then pick up at our restaurant that evening at your chosen timeframe.


Step 3. Dinner Accomplished!

Warm, fresh prepared, family style dinners are sack-to-table ready to eat!



Boxed Kitchen Order Form for Week of 5/28/19


To order meals for next week, please fill out the following form. A reminder text will be given to you the day of pick up(s). Thank you and please share our Boxed Kitchen Menu link with a friend!


No Meal Monday - Memorial Day


Tuesday- $6.50/serving
Pineapple Pork Tacos, Cilantro Coleslaw and Lime Rice


Wednesday- $6.50/serving
Sloppy Joe Frito Pie with a bun, Buttered Corn and Tater Tots


Thursday- $6.50/serving
Honey Baked Ham, Macaroni and Cheese, Herbed Green Beans & a Dinner roll


Dessert- $2.00/bar
Peanut Butter Bars